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With many projects spanning the globe, the Pho3nix Foundation always stays true to one core purpose – to assist and inspire children to be active and develop the many life skills that sport brings. The foundation focuses particularly on children who require extra assistance to enjoy an equal start.

Our activities are divided into four categories, each unique in its goals but linking with the others to provide a clear pathway from a child’s first foray into sport through to the ultimate honour of representing their nations as elite athletes. Each stage looks to uphold the tenets upon which the foundation is built, and to help each Pho3nix to rise, while our purpose projects make a broader impact on communities around the world.



Our participation projects focus on making a child’s first sporting memories inclusive, educational and above all, fun! Our education programs have already reached more than 50,000 kids across Europe either within schools or via our online platforms, while Pho3nix Kids triathlons, camps and semi-camps are regularly held across two continents.


The Pho3nix Future Program focuses on helping promising young athletes as they make the transition to professional sport, while the more advanced Pho3nix Athlete Program provides support for those on the cusp of Olympic selection.


The Pho3nix Foundation supports a select range of elite athletes, chosen not only for their sporting prowess, but also for their ability and willingness to inspire and guide the next generation. From the elite Pho3nix Team to the superstars of the Sub7Sub8 Project, Pho3nix professionals embody the determination, sacrifice and resilience to which all children can aspire.

Projects with Purpose

The Pho3nix motto is ‘Together We Rise’. Unfortunately, not all children are blessed with the tools to allow them to fully express their talents, regardless of their resolve. Pho3nix purpose projects look to address that imbalance.

Projects That Inspire

Sub7 Sub8
Pho3nix Team
Pho3nix Athlete Program
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