Orla Walsh Orla Walsh

Orla Walsh

Orla was not a sporty person growing up, and as an adult never even owned a gym membership. All that changed in 2015 when she borrowed her father’s old road bike to commute to college in Dublin and was hooked. She swapped cigarettes and all-night partying for three-hour rides and weekend racing.

Two years later her results earned Orla a chance to attend national camps, which then saw her earn a place among the nation’s best. Despite injury and a very steep learning curve, Orla is still improving and on track to represent her country at an Olympic Games.


        National track cycling champion

         National track cycling record holder (500m TT)

         4x silver, Ireland National Championships

         5x bronze, Ireland National Championships

         9th, 2019 European Championships (Team Pursuit)

         10th, 2019 World Championships (Team Pursuit)

         11th, 2018 European Games (Scratch)

Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.

Orla Walsh
Orla Walsh Orla Walsh
Orla Walsh Orla Walsh

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