Become a Pho3nix

Become a Pho3nix

The Pho3nix programme is intended for the most talented young sportspeople aged between 8 and 14 who have achieved their first, documented successes in their field, and have an evident predisposition to continue to develop their skills professionally.

Children accepted for the programme will receive complete material support, tailored to their needs, to continue to develop in sport –purchasing of essential equipment, support from a trainer, and payment of travel costs to attend training and competitions.

Our accomplished champions provide access to the full range of knowledge necessary for a young sportsperson to pursue their career. The scope of support provided is tailored to each young sportsperson individually.

The Pho3nix Foundation does not provide direct financial aid in the form of sponsorship or individual scholarships.

To apply to join the programme, submit an application and description of your sporting achievements and the scope of support needed below:

Become Pho3nix

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