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The Pho3nix Foundation is a social welfare organisation founded by Sebastian Kulczyk to help children around the world who are the most talented at sports and whose material situation is the main obstacle preventing them achieving their goals and embarking on a championship career.

The foundation provides all-embracing programmes that ensure equal opportunities and give young sports champions a chance to develop professionally, and are tailored to their individual needs.

The programmes are overseen by recognised specialists and champions, as well as members of the Pho3nix Team, who are world-class competitors in their various fields.

The Pho3nix Foundation also runs a range of educational and social initiatives to promote physical activity among children and young people.

The Pho3nix Foundation is a non-profit venture, and does not benefit financially at any stage of the careers of its beneficiaries.  

Our objectives

The Pho3nix Foundation aims to create a global system of professional support for those children who are most talented at sports, regardless of the material and social obstacles they face and the place in which they reside.

We trust that through our programme we will build a team of champions in various sporting disciplines, who, by achieving success around the world due to our educational initiatives, will help to promote physical activity among the next generations.

We are aware that the road to success in sport not only depends on talent and a natural predisposition. It depends above all on strength of character and a constant striving for excellence.

We also appreciate that a professional career in sport requires a trustworthy system of support – a team of high-class specialists, trainers, and champions, as well as modern infrastructure and funds.

Our objectives

Quote from Sebastian Kulczyk

I was fortunate enough to meet outstanding sportspeople whose life stories are inspiring tales of victory, overcoming one’s own weaknesses and limitations, and of how hard work and determination is a tough but the only way to become a champion. This made me realise how often material or social obstacles stand in the way of success and growth, which even the most talented children and their families cannot overcome without help. This is why the Pho3nix Foundation was set up, to run programmes in which the common factor is sport and aid for children. I am sure that by changing the destiny of those children we will give sport a more noble image, and thus make the world a better place.



A phoenix is a mythological bird that symbolises eternal rebirth.

The phoenix’s power lies in overcoming hardship and the adversity of fate, to become more powerful each time on the path to achieving its goal.

The phoenix’s mission exemplifies for us for the road that every outstanding sportsperson has to take to become a champion.

Genesis Genesis Genesis

The Mission

We believe that sport is an area that builds outstanding qualities in children and permanently alters their character for the better. We provide children with the resources to understand their strengths, and the confidence to begin on a path to the realization of their sporting dreams.
The messages and values ​​that we want to share with children are strengthened by our squad of athletes who, having undertaken their own Pho3nix journey, have become champions and heroes in their disciplines.

The Founder

The founder and ambassador for the Phoenix Foundation is Sebastian Kulczyk, an international investor and leader among the young generation of Polish entrepreneurs, who is active in new technologies.

Sebastian Kulczyk is the owner and CEO of Kulczyk Investments, a multinational investment business of Polish origin, and is the founder of Manta Ray, a global venture capital fund.  

He is also the initiator of InCredibles, a prestigious, international mentor programme for the most innovative young entrepreneurs.

In addition, he created Incredible Inspirations, an innovative, inspirational platform that deals with the challenges faced by humankind in the age of technological revolution.

He is an ambassador for a modern approach and socially responsible thinking in business, and the architect of the Akademia Szkolnych Talentów, an educational programme run free of charge to support children in achieving their dreams of studying at the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher education.

He chairs the Kulczyk Foundation board, and works with the One Day Foundation, Fundacja Fantazja, and numerous other children’s charity organisations.

Sebastian Kulczyk is a fan of the triathlon. Sport is not only a passion, but a source of inspiration for him, leading to the creation of the Pho3nix Foundation. The foundation was set up out of a love for sport and care for children, so that everyone has an equal chance to compete for their sporting dreams.

The Founder

Do you have what it takes to be a Pho3nix?

Do you have what it takes to be a Pho3nix?

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